Scream Baby Scream Ryan T.3rr0r

Ryan T.3rr0r

RYAN T.3rr0r

EvilTech Engines


M-Audio MidAir25 controller
Motu Traveler sound processor
Apple MacBookPro i7 with
Ableton Live 9 and ReFX Nexus2 vst
Sennheiser e835 wired mic
DB 1100T InEar system with Shure 215 earphones

Officially January 2011


Campfire Tales (2011)

From The Otherside With... Love (2014)

Favourite Quote:

"Sleep when you’re dead"

Favourite Movie:

The bone collector, Hannibal rising, Saw; Perfume, story of a murderer, Tarantino’s.

Musical Influences:

From classical music to rock, electro from ebm to techno, melodic death metal and of course fkn RotteNRoll

Favourite Band:

Bach, Vivaldi, NIN, Marylin Manson, Rammstein, The Kovenant, Pain, Deathstars, Dark Tranquillity, Scooter, The Birthday Massacre and many others

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