Scream Baby Scream Music

cover campfire tales

Campfire Tales

May 2011

Recorded at Twilight Studio

Track List

Dawn Of Necrosis

Porcelain Doll

No Brain

Fake Blood

Shadow Man

Make Your Choice

Hangman Song

Ghost Of You

You & Me, Three Meters Underground

Blood Red Witch

Scream Baby Scream Till Death

Zombie Girl (Aqua Remake)

Necromance (Lady GaGa Remake)

cover From The Otherside With Love

From The Otherside... With Love

February 2014

Recorded at Authoma Studios with Federico Pennazzato

Mastered at Massive Arts Studio with Alberto Cutolo and Federico Pennazzato

Track List

Curtain Of Blood

Blood In The Streets

From The Otherside... With Love

Tanz Schlampe

Pact With The Devil

Brain KIller

Deadmoon Lullaby

Blood Red Witch

Garden Of The Stones

Haunt Me (Regan's Song)

From The Otherside... With Love PT2