Scream Baby Scream Band Biography

The Horror Shock Rockers known as SCREAM BABY SCREAM are a band formed in April 2010 by Becky Delirious (bass guitar/backing Vocals), Rendih IronScrap (lead guitar), with the participation of Damien Evil on vocals, and David BenjiRotten on drums. Their sound is "filthy horror shock metal" with industrial influences.
After some months of shakedown in studio and live shows, on November 19, 2010 the band released its first EP "You and Me 3 Meters Underground", gaining the approval of the public of Northern Italy and sharing the stage with great bands.

On May 13th, they released their first official record titled "CAMPFIRE TALES", self-produced and recorded at Twilight Studios.
During the song writing of their full-length the band decided to add some keyboard and synths parts, and this was made possible by the introduction of Ryan T.3rr0r in the band.
The album has been distributed on all Musical Ecommerce stores (ITUNES, AMAZON etc.) and in CD versions containing two bonus tracks, the remakes of Aqua's "Barbie Girl" and Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance".
Moreover, the first of June, SBS released their first official video on YouTube for the single "Make your choice", written by Damien Evil and Becky Delirious and directed by Twilight Studios..

The band promoted the album with a tour hitting Italy and France, which started on September 25, 2011 bringing SBS to many of the most important Italian and European Cities where they played Shows as headliners and as a support with well-known Bands.

On December 25, 2011 a second single from "CAMPFIRE TALES" was released: "Scream Baby Scream till' Death" directed by Elisabetta Pernici.

In July 2012 SBS saw their name on the billboard of TOTAL METAL FEST, one of the biggest festival of the South of Italy, organized by Vivo Management, sharing the stage with bands of the Italian Underground music scene and with the great headliners SADIST, DARK FUNERAL and TESTAMENT!
Since 2012, they've been performing with Misfits, Chrome Division, The Vision Bleak, Theatres des Vampires, Cadaveria, Sister, Private Line, Lord of the Lost, Testament, DarkFuneral, Sadist, Fatal Smile...

In 2013, SCREAM BABY SCREAM already toured across Europe, including gigs in Germany, France, Switzerland, Croatia, Belgium.

After many problem to find a new drummer, in april 2013 the band finally have a stable line up with MARK KNOX at the drums and everything is ready to start writing the sequel of "Campfire Tales": "FROM THE OTHERSIDE... WITH LOVE".
In the late Summer They toured around Sweden and Finland for the first Time, and they get a big approval from the scandinavian people.

5 March 2013 Scream Baby Scream has Released their Second Album " FROM THE OTHERSIDE... WITH LOVE", recorded and produced at Authoma Sudios with Federico Pennazzato (Death SS, Secret Sphere) and Mastered at Massive Arts Studios by Alberto Cutolo (30 seconds to Mars, Lacuna Coil), the album is a mix of riff cuts through the gloom, very extreme Vocals with melody and putrid pop sensibilities.

10 April 2020 After ten years from their birth Scream Baby Scream has Released their first single from the Upcoming Album "To Much Heaven on their Minds" MOUTH OF MADNESS recorded at INK Studios with Federico Pennazzato (Death SS, Secret Sphere) and Mastered at GrayWolf Studios by Charles Graywolf (Powerwolf), they also released an Official Video Filmed with Moviedel Italia.

SCREAM BABY SCREAM are one of the best Horror Shock Metal reality of The Italian Underground.


Damien Evil - Lead Vox
Becky Delirious - Bass
H.Metheny - Drums (from July 2017)
Trick Skull - Lead Guitar (from October 2014)